Strong Bodies, Stronger Roots

A decade of experience

Meet our Head Coach at SIRA Nutrition: Tyra Balcombe

Tyra has been in the fitness industry since 2011.

Over the past decade, she has devoted her life to helping women achieve success in all areas of nutrition and fitness. She is confident that with her personal experience paired with her knowledge in the industry, she is able to help you succeed in your own personal fitness journey.

She believes that fitness and nutrition should be a part of a healthy lifestyle- not your entire life.

Her goal is to help you find a balance between exercise and enjoying the foods you love while reaching the goals you have set for yourself.

What clients are saying…

“Since beginning working with Tyra on my nutrition, I’ve had more energy. I feel the best I have in years!”


“Tyra has been coaching me since the beginning of the year and has helped me learn about macronutrients. She has willingly answered questions I have had and encouraged me along the way. She has helped me believe more in myself and my abilities and gotten me outside of my comfort zone.”


“Tyra is the best! She’s helping me have a better relationship with food but lose weight as well. She’s the best cheerleader and coach I could ask for. She’s knowledgeable and kind. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!”


“Since I started working with Tyra on my nutrition I am feeling so much better, eating healthier and have learned portion control. She has taught me that it’s ok to eat the things I enjoy in moderation. She is so encouraging and helpful during my journey, always there when I need help in any area. She is amazing to work with and definitely the best!”


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